Estupendo - retintín

Mi profesor de piano siempre habla con retintín.

retintín [noun, m] – sarcasm

Tween sarcasm is coming to a head in this household. Here’s a dinnertime conversation from a few days ago:

12-yr-old son:    “Oh, Papá. Me encanta la cena. Se nota que lo has hecho con esmero.”

Husband:           “No hace falta que lo digas con retintín, hijo.”

Couple of good words in there: esmero (meaning “great care”/”trouble”/”effort”) and retintín (meaning “sarcasm”).

Now they’re all playing the “let’s contribute to Mummy’s blog” game. 😍

PS – For the record, retintín is also an onomatopoeia, meaning “jingling”/”jangling”/”ringing” [sound in one’s ears]”.