cultureta [n, m/f; ironic, disparaging] – culture vulture, a culture snob, nerd, arty farty type

Do you love Spanish and Latin American films, like I do? Does that make us nerds or culture snobs, do you think?

The other week, Alejandro (my hub) and I went to see a film at our favourite little local cinema. We arrived a bit early and there were a bunch of people milling around in the lobby.

Alejandro said to me in an undertone, “Tiene que ser en esta sala, por la pinta de culturetas que tiene la peña.” [It has to be in this room, judging by the look of the nerds in this crowd.]

He likes to call a spade a spade, my husband. (No tiene pelos en la lengua, mi marido.) I stopped making apologies for it years ago.

The film we saw was Argentina, 1985, and both Alejandro and I really loved it. It’s a difficult subject (the true story of the civilian justice system taking on the leaders of the dictatorship), dealt with in a light, sometimes funny and yet respectful way.

We were a bit gutted to find out afterwards that it’s already available on Amazon Prime here in Spain!

I’m not a film nerd. I don’t know a lot about cinema. (Alejandro is slowly educating me and our boys in his favourite all-time classics). But I do love Spanish and Latin American films, and I much prefer small, local cinemas over the big, soulless chains. And I will never, ever, ever, go to see a film that has been dubbed in another language. (Versión original o no lo veo.) Perhaps I am a bit of a cultureta after all.

PS – We went to see a Spanish film the following weekend too. The Galician film As Bestas. I enjoyed it, although it was a bit heavy-going and about half an hour too long for my liking. La última media hora sobraba, a mi juicio. [The last half hour was superfluous in my opinion.] Alejandro loved it. I think we’ve found our cultureta litmus test, folks.

Have you seen As Bestas? Did you like it? 😉


to mill around – pulular, merodear

lobby – vestíbulo, “hall

judging by the look of – por la pinta que tiene

nerd, culture snob – cultureta

crowd, this bunch, this lot – la peña [colloquial]

to call a spade a spade – no tener pelos en la lengua

take on – enfrentarse a

dealt with in a light, sometimes funny and yet respectful way – tratado de manera ligera, a veces graciosa y sin embargo respetuosa

gutted – decepcionado/a

nerd – un friki

soulless – sin alma, desalmado

never ever ever – nunca jamás; jamás de los jamases

a dubbed film – una peli doblada

original language version or I’m not watching it – versión original o no lo veo

the film was a bit heavy-going – la peli se me hizo pesada

it was about half an hour too long in my opinion – la última media hora sobraba a mi juicio

litmus test [figurative] – la prueba de fuego, prueba del algodón, la prueba definitiva

litmus paper/test [literal] – papel/prueba de tornasol

folks [colloquial] – gente

Photo credit: Image by Dariusz Sankowski on Pixabay