escurrir el bulto

escurrir el bulto [expression] – duck out/wriggle out [of something];


Tienes que hacer la presentación para el jefe. No intentes escurrir el bulto.

When an interesting expression pops up in conversation twice in the space of one morning it’s a sign I need to dust off my blog and get scribbling. This happened the other week with the fabulous expression escurrir el bulto, meaning to duck or wriggle out of something.

I can’t give you the ins and outs, because a friend and I may or may not have been participating in the age-old pastime of husband-bashing*. So here are a couple of examples of usage in other non-husband-related situations:

A Julia no le gusta ir a las reuniones; siempre escurre el bulto, inventándose excusas.

Tienes que hacer una presentación a los directores mañana; no puedes escurrir el bulto así que vete preparándote. 

*Sorry, baby, if you’re reading. I wasn’t being mean, I promise. Just discussing our very different perspectives on getting the kids to bed at a decent time.

Photo by Remy_Loz on Unsplash



escurrir – escape from, avoid

bulto – burden

vete preparándote – (you’d better) get preparing/practising


to pop up – aparecer

to dust [something] off – quitarle el polvo [a algo]

the ins and outs – los pormenores, los detalles particulares

age-old – antiguo, milenario

pastime – pasatiempo, afición

husband-bashing – criticarle al marido