soponcio [noun, colloquial] – fainting, a shock, a physiological state of anxiety, “a turn”, “heart failure”

It’s day 8 of our home confinement here in Madrid, since the nationwide estado de alarma due to Covid-19. Some days I’ve been way too immersed in the information overload coming from the news, social media and WhatsApp groups.

Yesterday my husband, Alejandro, fell on the stairs and hurt his leg. When I ask him later how he was doing, he said, “Estoy bien. He tomado Ibuprofeno“. As my mother-in-law would say, “casi me da un soponcio”, because I’d just read some info about how Ibuprofen may cause complications with Covid-19.

Google defines soponcio as follows: “Desmayo o indisposición pasajera que se produce tras una situación de angustia o susto muy grandes.” So it seems soponcio is officially translated as “fainting”, but in English we’re more melodramatic and would say something like, “You nearly gave me heart failure“.

It’s OK, folks. He was just messing with me. But I’m trying to learn to use technology sparingly during this time, because when I overdose I am definitely more susceptible to having a soponcio.

Wherever you are in the world, stay safe, stay well. Try and get some down time every day. We can beat this.