¡será por…!

¡será por…! [idiom] – an ironic expression meaning something like “I’m swimming in…”

Now, this is a tricky one to explain… It’s a classic example of an idiom: you know what the words mean, but what the dickens does the whole sentence mean?! Well, firstly, this one is used in irony. It’s a humorous expression to say something like “It must be because I’ve got no XYZ”, when clearly you are swimming in XYZ. So, for example, my partner and I came across this phrase in a (very informal) online advert written by someone trying to sell their house. It was a huge house and they said, “Vamos, ¡será por metros!” The expression cropped up again not long after that, when I met my youngest son’s school teacher, who had asked for donations of empty yogurt drink cartons and ended up inundated. She said, “¡Será por Actimels!

If you can come up with a better translation or explanation for this one, or if you’ve heard it in another context, do share in the comments below!


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