raudo [adjective] – swift, quick

This one came up in an article in El País about the dodgy English of the even dodgier Iñaki Urdangarín, the King of Spain’s infamous son-in-law who is up to his eyeballs in one of the country’s many recent corruption scandals. Pushing the boundaries of linguistic pedantry way over the tolerable threshold, the article takes great pains to rip the dodgy duke’s English to shreds, and then goes on to lament the sorry state of the English abilities of your average Spaniard. The author makes the point that, whilst nowhere is it stipulated that members of the royal household should speak English, in many parts of the world English is a basic prerequisite for carrying out most economic activities, whether it is necessary or not, “por mucho que […] nuestros políticos se pongan raudos los cascos con la traducción simultánea” (no matter how quick our politicians are to don the headphones providing simultaneous interpretation) in European conferences, where English is supposed to be a lingua franca. Phew! Those were some lengthy sentences!

Long-winded, convoluted and unbearably pedantic, I know. But I thought it was worth struggling though this article. I learnt tons of new vocab.


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