chocolate del loro

chocolate del loro [idiom] – a miniscule amount of money, “peanuts”

Here’s another fantastic idiom that nearly made me jump off the sofa and run for my dictionary. The parrot’s chocolate, eh? Not exactly self-explanatory, is it? And (ahem) yes, this is yet another expression I learnt from the idiot box. Who says watching TV is not educational?

This one came from the Spanish current affairs programme “El Objetivo” that I caught a bit of the other night. It was a one-off special on taxation in Spain. I know, riveting stuff, right? The programme was actually a lot more interesting than it sounds, and they interviewed a priest about the money that the state gives to the Catholic church here in Spain. The priest, naturally playing down the amount the church receives, said “es chocolate del loro“. It’s peanuts. The state gives the church a miniscule amount of money. Hmmm, we’ll let the tax-payers be the judges of that, shall we?

PS – You can read more about the origin of this expression here.


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