gaje [noun, m] – a sign [of something]; something typical [of something];

This intriguing little word came up in a text message a mum-friend from school sent me. She had previously messaged me with some vital information from some letter or other from school that I must have misplaced. (I have an uncanny ability to make those things vanish into thin air before we even set foot out of the school gates.)

Anyway, in my friend’s follow-up message sending me some additional info, she said, “Me quedé a medias… Jeje. Gajes de una madre a la carrera“, which I would translate as something like this: “I only sent you half the info…! Haha. A sign of a mum in a hurry!” She uses some great expressions, my friend!

You may have come across the more common expression “gajes del oficio“, which could be translated as “it goes with the territory“, “all in a day’s work” or “all part and parcel of the job“, to refer to the little annoyances or inconveniences that are typical of a particular job.


2 thoughts on “gaje

  1. scarruthers

    Hey Louisa! The very same day that I read this post, I heard it used by one of the dads at Oscar’s school (isn’t it funny how that always happens?!!) And when I started telling him about your blog, he used another interesting word to describe the types of expressions you talk about: “chascarrillos”. Have you heard of it? According to the dictionary it means “funny story”, but he says that people use it for unusual expressions. Anyways, there’s another one to add to the list! xxx

    1. louisaburford Post author

      Morning Sarah! Magic how that always happens, eh?! The word “chascarrillos” sounds familiar, but I didn’t know it meant that. I love it! I might change my blog name 😉 OK, I just looked it up – “funny or witty anecdotes”. Hmmm, that’d be setting myself up for failure, methinks!! I’ll stick with “notebook”. Haha. More leeway! Besos.


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