despiporre [noun] – mayhem, bedlam, chaos, madness

party chaos

“La fiesta ha sido un despiporre.”

We haven’t had a truly gorgeous sounding word for a while, so how about this one to get your juices going? “El despiporre“. Nice, eh? I heard it on the current affairs programme El Objetivo the other day. The presenter, Ana Pastor, was talking about the ridiculous number of advisors that Spanish politicians have, most of whom are appointed “a dedo” (i.e. on a basis of “it’s who you know not what you know”). It’s bad enough in the national government, Pastor said, “pero si lo analizamos al nivel de las autonomías, esto es el despiporre” (but if we analyse it at the level of the regional governments, it’s absolute mayhem).

I looked online for more examples of this word and its usage, and the Farlex free Spanish dictionary offers “La fiesta ha sido un despiporre.” Perfect, I thought. That should help us to lodge this word in our vocab – after all, we’ve all been to one of those kinds of parties!

PS – Apologies to Sarah P for yet another slightly disturbing image…


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