shiny motorbike

“Tu moto es un pepino.”

pepino [noun, slang] – a fantastic/speedy/powerful little gadget or machine

The other day, my partner Alejandro and his cousin, Javi, were discussing tablets, smartphones and the like, when Alejandro came out with a perplexing statement: “El Google Nexus 5 es un pepino.” So there’s me racking my brains, (I knew they weren’t talking about cucumbers), “Hmmm, ‘un pepino‘ – good or bad, good or bad?!” The lads enlightened me. Apparently it’s good. If we say something is a “pepino” it means something like “it works like a dream“. It can be used for motorbikes, cars or technology. I like it! Now I just need to work out how to get an affiliate link into this post and all my financial worries are over… 😉


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