wild horses running

recua [collective noun, f] herd, line or train (of horses, people, etc.)

Sometimes I think collective nouns are just one of those things they make you learn in primary school, never to be used again in your entire life. I mean, have you ever casually dropped the word “gaggle” (as in, “Oh, look at that gaggle of geese”) into a conversation? I rest my case.

This week’s word is a collective noun, although it does have slightly more use than the word “gaggle”, which is why I’m including it here. The other day we were driving up to the mountains to go for a hike. On the road ahead of us, we saw a herd(?) of horses. (Damn, I should have paid more attention in primary school.) Alejandro, doing his bit for the education of our kids (and me), said, “¿Quién sabe como se dice un grupo de caballos?Who knows the word for a group of horses? Of course, no one did. “Una recua“, he informed us.

A little later, walking down the hill after a spectacular hike along the Camino de los Siete Picos, we got a chance to practise our new word. Five people on horseback were coming up behind us. “Cuidado. Viene una recua de caballos.Careful. There’s a line of horses coming. Ding! So that’s “recua” consolidated into our vocab, never to be used again.


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