¡Vaya! Tendré que llamar al chapista.

¡Vaya! Tendré que llamar al chapista.

chapista [noun] – car-body worker

You know how if you learn two similar words at the same time in a foreign language, you are doomed to confuse the two forever? Well, I’ve got my friend Meredith to thank for this one…

The other day, Meredith was talking to her (Spanish) hubby about finding a chapista to fix a little ding in the side of their car. Except that in their conversation, my friend confused the word ‘chapista‘ (car-body worker) with ‘chapero‘ (male prostitute, rent-boy). Teehee – not one you’d want to mix up in polite company. Meredith and her husband had a good laugh about who was actually going to fix the car -the chapista or the chapero– and she told me later that she’s ended up utterly confused between the two words!

Meredith, my dear, thanks for the giggle. I didn’t know either word, and now I’m as befuddled as you are, so here’s a little mnemonic that may help us to avoid any awkward moments in the future, and will hopefully help you get the right guy to fix your car!

Si necesitas una pista (clue/hint)… el chapista es el hombre que necesitas… pero no le llames chapero o puede haber problemas!

(If you need a hint, the “chapista” is the guy you need, but don’t call him a “chapero” or you might get into trouble!)


5 thoughts on “chapista

  1. Amazing Nature

    Lol, may I say how is when you speak 4 languages. You must, you live there. I speak English and write/read too, Franch, Italian and German just speak. I understand you complectlly. Now… how I write English is different, I don’t see the way you see. Sorry I took your time here, I like your blog very much, always something to learn. That’s most important 🙂

    1. My Little Spanish Notebook Post author

      Thanks for stopping by, Amazing Nature, and thanks for your lovely comment! I used to speak other languages (Portuguese, French and Japanese) but they’re definitely on the back burner now I live in Spain. I only speak English and Spanish on a regular basis now. I love learning though too. I expect when my kids are older I will take up my older languages again or something new, perhaps.

      1. Amazing Nature

        Your welcome, anytime. Japanese is extrimly hard for learning, my friend works in some Japan embassy in EU, I admire both of you for that. You speak 3 totally different language, different structure of sentences and vocabulary. Amazing. Extually 5 languages. Thank you for sharing pricelless things.

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