a tiro hecho

a tiro hecho

No quiero perder tiempo. Vamos a tiro hecho.

ir a tiro hecho [idiom] – to go straight for (something); to go with a specific aim

A few days ago, Alejandro and I realized our eldest son was in urgent need of some new pairs of long trousers, which would involve doing two things I dislike immensely – clothes shopping with the kids in tow (well, clothes shopping, full stop, ha ha) and going to a shopping centre on a Sunday (just nooooooooooooo!!!!!!)

Me: ¿En serio, quieres ir a un centro comercial ahora? (Seriously, you want to go to a shopping centre now?)

Alejandro: No te preocupes. Vamos a tiro hecho. (Don’t worry. We’ll go straight in and out.)

Me: Ooh! Bonita expresión para mi blog! (Ooh! Nice expression for my blog!)

If anyone can think of a more succinct translation in English for this one, please post in the comments below, but basically the meaning of “Vamos a tiro hecho” is something like “We’ll go straight to it, no messing about”.


2 thoughts on “a tiro hecho

    1. My Little Spanish Notebook Post author

      Hi Sophie! Yeah, I toyed with “straight to the point” because sounds similar in structure to “a tiro hecho”, but I rejected it in the end as it’s more to do with expressing yourself succinctly than physically going to get something without getting sidetracked. I like “a quick in and out”, and I reckon that’s the closest yet, at least in this context. Thanks! 🙂


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