soez [adj. m/f] – coarse, crude

El estilo de fotografía  que hace Katariina es clásico y sencillo. No es nada soez.

El estilo de fotografía que hace Katariina es clásico y sencillo. No es nada soez.

Lucky me, I got a free photo session last weekend with Katariina, a talented young professional photographer here in Madrid, who was looking for mums to make over for her portfolio. I’d been meaning to upgrade my pics for a more professional look on here, so when a fellow Madrid mummy recommended this freebie I jumped at the chance. (Massive thanks to you Lucy, if you are reading.)

So there I was, having my make-up done by Tamara, a wonderful part make-up artist, part receptionist and part actress, and one of those rare, beautiful souls that you feel you could talk to forever. I told her I was a bit nervous about looking overly “dolled up” in the pics, since I’m a jogpants and no make-up girl most of the time. And –yes, I am eventually going to get to today’s word– Tamara said, “Ya verás que Katariina lo hace super bien. Su estilo es sencillo y clásico. No es nada soez” *

My geek-dar lit up and I stopped Tamara mid-flow.


I’d heard the word before, but I couldn’t think how to translate it. (Not that I have to translate everything, you understand, but it is a cool word.) Between us, and with the help of Katariina, her partner Alejandro and a Spanish-English dictionary, we worked out that it translates as “crude” or “coarse” in English.  I’m definitely trying this one out on my own Alejandro. I shouldn’t think it will be too long before the opportunity arises. 😉

* Katariina does a great job, you’ll see. Her style is simple and classic, not at all coarse.


PS – Yes, that’s me in the pic. Yikes! Let’s just say that if we met in real life you might not recognize me from this photo! (No camera trickery, you understand, just very flattering light and a very talented photographer whose philosophy is that every woman is beautiful and who does everything in her power to make you feel it). I wish everyone could have a session with Katariina – I am still glowing  from the experience. 🙂

PPS – Whilst I had a lot of fun being a supermodel for a day, I’m not sure I can use these pics for my “About me” page. I will have to get Katariina to do me an outdoor photo in one of the lovely Madrid parks, still in a very flattering light (of course!) but a bit less doll-y and a bit more me. She has some gorgeous natural outdoor shots that are more my style. Check out her website if you’re interested:

Deep breath. Hit publish. Run.


8 thoughts on “soez

  1. ladymartha

    I loved your post, you have a captivating way of telling things. But let me say that you’d earn your living as a model! OMG! You’re gorgeous!

  2. Kelly P

    Awww – I think it’s an utterly gorgeous pic!! Of course I have only ever seen you in an indian headress before this… Great job all of the ladies involved 🙂


    Great photo Louisa. It looks very natural and I love the background that Kateriina has chosen. The only other photo I have seen of you, you are sporting a swimming cap – who knew you had all that hair! Lucy

    1. My Little Spanish Notebook Post author

      Haha. Yeah, I can’t go from stylin’ it in a swimming hat and goggles to a full on I-love-myself beauty shot, so I think I’ll remain semi-incognito on FB! Loved your pics on Katariina’s website. Incognito-ness totally blown, of course. 😉 xx


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