lolazo [noun] – a laugh; something hilarious; LMAO

Tremendo lolazo el otro día en el cine...

Tremendo lolazo el otro día en el cine…

Last week, Alejandro came home from work and told me, incredulous, about a topic that was trending that day: at the end of a showing of the film American Sniper in a Madrid cinema on Wednesday night, an Englishman stood up and gave an emotional speech in English, saying –amongst other things– that the 11-S attacks on the World Trade Center had affected his family deeply, and that he was inviting everyone in the cinema to dinner at his soon-to-be-inaugurated restaurant. The poor guy was in tears. (Obviously nothing to laugh about thus far. I saw the film last week too, and was a sobbing mess at the end.)

Unfortunately, the message of the guy’s tearful I’m-inviting-you-all-to-dinner speech must have got lost in translation just a tad, because what ensued was a stampede in which most of the cinema-goers tried to escape as quickly as possible, thinking there was a terrorist in their midst!

And that, folks, is why learning languages is so important. (But I’m preaching to the converted, I know.)

A tweet from one of the people in the cinema at the time read as follows:

Tremendo LOLAZO en la sesión de “El francotirador” en Yelmo, recién acabada: la gente ha huido creyendo que había un terrorista en la sala.*

— Jaime Lorite (@Loritesaurio)

“LOLAZO” or “lolazo” is from the English internet-slang “LOL” (laugh out loud) with the Spanish augmentative suffix –azo on the end. Not one in the “words to impress your Spanish prof” category, but a new one on me, nevertheless.

Major LOL at the American Sniper session at the Yelmo, just finished: the people fled thinking there was a terrorist in the cinema!

And to the guy that stood up in tears and invited the entire cinema to his restaurant: what a brave and beautiful gesture that was. It makes me sad that it was so horribly misunderstood.

Crazy old world we live in or what?




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