Ayer vimos un halo solar, también llamado “antelia”.

antelia [noun] – solar halo, ring of light around the sun

Yesterday we went on a spectacular bike ride en famille in the pine forests not far from our home. My six-year-old son likes to hurtle along at top speed, so as not to get left behind his daddy and big brother. This top-speed hurtling, combined with my son’s tendency to look behind him to check I am still following, meant he took three tumbles in the first few minutes of our ride. On the third fall, he looked up and said, “Hey, what’s happened to the sun?” We all looked to where he was pointing and saw a ring of light in the sky, surrounding the sun, like a hazy rainbow but perfectly circular in shape. A stunning solar halo. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before. I wish I’d thought to take a photo. Alejandro sent me this link today, from Microsiervos -one of his favourite blogs- and I learnt that another word for “solar halo” in Spanish is “antelia”. How delightfully geeky.

Photo credit: (CC) Alvy @ Flickr

Vocab for English learners:

hurtle [verb] – to drive or ride very fast, to speed

tumble [noun, verb] – fall

surround [verb] – to form a border, circle, etc. [around something]

hazy [adjective] – fuzzy, blurry

stunning [adjective] – spectacular, beautiful

delightfully [adverb] – wonderfully

geeky [adjective] – nerdy, cerebral (Sp. “friki”)


2 thoughts on “antelia

  1. ladymartha

    Wow, you not only teach me English but Spanish as well. I love to learn these words in my mother tongue too and this is a beautiful word indeed. And thanks for the “vocabulary for English learners” section!! 🙂


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