a borbotones

a borbotones [idiom] in spades; coming out of their ears; rife

Here’s a gorgeous word I hadn’t heard in a while, well a phrase actually, a borbotones. Earlier this week, Cristina Cifuentes resigned as president of the Community of Madrid because video evidence came to light of a Winona moment she had in 2011, when she allegedly shoplifted two facecreams from an Eroski supermarket. (Bonkers, or what?!)

Today’s expression comes from the following tweet:

La bolsa que lleva la @ccifuentes en un vídeo Eroski es para rematar del Canal de Isabel II donde hay corrupción a borbotones @salvameoficial

[The bag that @ccifuentes is carrying in an Eroski video is, to top it off, from Canal de Isabel II** where there is corruption in spades @salvameoficial]

Borbotones are the bubbles that float up when there is a large quantity of water (or another liquid) spilling out into another body of water, so the nuance here is obviously about the amount. I went with “in spades” for my translation of this tweet, but “corruption is rife” or “is coming out of their ears” would do the job too.



para rematar – to top it off; to cap it all; to put the cherry/icing on the cake;

a borbotones – rife; in spades; coming out of their ears;


bonkers – this is a British slang word and can be used to describe people or situations and it means “crazy” or “madness/mad” – ¡vaya loca!/¡qué locura! (or, in this case, both!)

**Canal de Isabel II is Madrid’s public water company, which has been in the news recently for various corruption scandals.


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