me la refanfinfla

… me la refanfinfla [expression, very informal] – I couldn’t give a monkey’s/toss/damn/flying f***/two hoots about …

This gorgeously cheeky expression explains exactly how I feel about the royal wedding. Me la refanfinfla (I couldn’t give a monkey’s).

I don’t mean to be a killjoy and I wish the young couple all the luck in the world (they’re going to need it!), but I’m off up to the mountains with my family today, to make sure I’m not tempted to waste our day getting sucked into the whole palaver on the telly.

Las bodas me la refanfinflan y la monarquía me la refanfinla, por lo tanto la boda real me la requete refanfinfla. (I couldn’t give a monkey’s about weddings or the monarchy, so I really couldn’t give a monkey’s about the royal wedding.)

Careful how you use this one, folks – it’s really rude, so best used only among good friends and fellow potty mouths. 😉



me la refanfinfla – I couldn’t give a toss; I couldn’t give a damn; I couldn’t give a monkey’s; I couldn’t give a flying f***; I couldn’t give two hoots

requete [prefix, emphatic, colloquial] – really; to a great degree


potty mouth – grosero; boca sucia

palavertedious or time-consuming business, esp when of a formal nature (definition from the Collins dictionary)

killjoy – aguafiestas


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