golondrina, vencejo, avión… eh, cigüeña

A menudo vemos golondrinas, vencejos y aviones en el jardín.

golondrina, vencejo, avión… eh, cigüeña [nombres de pájaros] – swallow, swift, housemartin… er, stork [bird names]

Oh my goodness! The coolest thing just happened to me!

I had five minutes to spare before my next video call, so I brewed a cuppa and went out into the garden, setting a timer for three minutes so I wouldn’t be late for my call.

Now, three minutes doesn’t allow for much of the yoga or self care or journalling I like to do during my breaks from work, but boy did I make those three minutes count today!

Grateful to get away from my desk, I breathed the fresh air deeply into my lungs and (just for fun) asked for a cool sign from the Universe/Source/God/Love/Life. Nothing more specific than that. But I only had three minutes, you understand, so it had to happen pretty smartish.

I did some gentle stretches (and foam rolling) on my yoga mat and immediately connected to the beauty of the trees swaying in the breeze, the heavenliness of their leaves glistening in the sunshine.

My three-minute alarm soon went off and, just as I was getting up from the mat, I caught a glimpse in my peripheral vision of a large bird disappearing behind the rooftops in front of me. I took a step closer to get a better look and gasped as a freaking stork rose into the air from behind the big pine tree opposite (the same one I blogged about yesterday)!

I held my breath as it flew in a direct line overhead. I have never seen a stork fly over our garden in the eleven years we’ve lived in this house!

Swifts (vencejos), swallows (golondrinas), and housemartins (aviones), yes. Lots of sparrows (gorriones) and blackbirds (mirlos) and magpies (picazas) too. The occasional robin (petirrojo), to remind me of home. And every now and again, other more unusual birds I have yet to learn the names of. But never a cigueña. So cool!

The stork has a special meaning in our town; it’s the symbol of our municipality, here in suburban Madrid. You can read about it here. We often see storks high up in their nest on the bell tower of the lovely San Miguel church in the centre of the pueblo, but they rarely venture into our part of town.

I did a quick Google to find out the spiritual significance of the stork, and then I journalled a bit to delve into what I thought its meaning was for me. I decided that it was a symbol of hope, love, birth, and the meaning of life (because the births of my boys have been the most love-filled and meaningful experiences of my life so far).

Perhaps it also signifies the imminent birth of my book “baby”—the culmination of a long period of procrastination and self-doubt—and realizing a first small step towards my lifelong dream of writing books that touch readers’ hearts and minds and change their lives for the better in some way.

Now, the more sensible or skeptical reader (¡hola, mi amor!) might say “Oh, come on now, Louisa. This is all a bit much. You don’t strike me as the superstitious or gullible type!”

All I’ll say is that I’m open to seeing this world as one big spiritual playground. No need to take it all too seriously. Permission to play make-believe like a child. And to open up to magic and possibilities. Most of all, my dear reader, let’s open our eyes wide to the exquisite awesomeness of this amazing world.

What made you come alive today?

Vocab notes

Oh my goodness! – ¡madre mía! 

I had five minutes to spare – me sobraban cinco minutos

video call – una videollamada

I brewed a cuppa – preparé una taza de té

self care – autocuidados

journalling – escribir en un diario

break from work – un descanso del trabajo

boy! – [una exclamación de sorpresa; se usa como¡Dios!” pero sin el significado religioso]

to get away from my desk – alejarme del escritorio

I breathed – respiré

fresh air – aire libre, aire fresco

lungs – los pulmones

smartish [British slang for “quickly”] – [coloq. británico] – rápidamente

the trees swaying in the breeze – los árboles se mecían en la brisa

the heavenliness of their leaves – la exquisitez de sus hojas

glistening in the sunshine – brillando al sol

the alarm went off – sonó el alarma

just as I was getting up from the mat – justo cuando me levantaba de la esterilla

I caught a glimpse in my peripheral vision – atisbé en mi visión periferal

rooftops – los tejados

in front of me – delante de mí

to get a better look – para ver mejor

I gasped – me quedé sin aliento

freaking – [expresión de sorpresa, énfasis, eufemismo por “f***ing” ]

stork – la cigüeña

rose into the air – se alzó al vuelo

to hold one’s breath – contener (o aguantar) la respiración 

swift – el vencejo

swallow – la golondrina

housemartin – el avión

sparrow – el gorrión

blackbird – el mirlo

magpie – la picaza

robin – el petirrojo

remind me of home – me recuerda a casa

I have yet to learn – todavía no he aprendido

the symbol of our municipality – el símbolo de nuestro municipio

they rarely venture into our part of town – rara vez aparecen en nuestra parte de la ciudad

hope – esperanza

birth – nacimiento

the meaning of life – el significado de la vida

love-filled – lleno de amor

my life so far – mi vida hasta ahora

imminent birth – nacimiento inminente

the culmination – la culminación

procrastination – la procrastinación

a first small step – un primer pequeño paso

lifelong dream – un sueño de toda la vida

in some way – de alguna manera

Caption: We often see swallows, swifts and housemartins in the garden. 

* Image by Kev on Pixabay


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