About My Little Spanish Notebook

Once you’re fluent in a foreign language it can be easy to sit back and not learn much more, even if you live in that country like I do. That’s where My Little Spanish Notebook comes in. When I first moved to Spain in 2002, I would try and write down in a lined exercise book any new words that cropped up in my reading and in my everyday life, as a way of increasing my vocabulary. In those days I was set on improving my Spanish so I could go back to the UK and teach it at an advanced level.

Well, eleven years on, in spite of all my well-made plans, I’m still here! I met a wonderful Spanish man, we started a family, and I also fell into my new dream career of translating, proofreading and writing language materials. I write this blog with the aim of broadening my own vocabulary and the hope that I can inspire fellow language lovers and advanced level Spanish speakers out there to keep learning as well.

If you sign up to my blog, you will receive a notification every time I post, which will be approximately once a week (but don’t hold me to that!) It’s a bit like the “word of the day” you can get from the online dictionaries, but since I include words that come up in my daily life here in Spain, hopefully the result will be more real, grounded and up-to-date (and less spammy).

If you have any great expressions to share or you’d like to get in touch with any other suggestions, I’d love to hear from you, either in the comments below or via email. If you teach Spanish, please feel free to use any of the content in my blogs. I would appreciate it if you would attribute the source, but I won’t sue you if you don’t! If you’re a language company, please contact me to negotiate a rate for my content.

Thanks for dropping by. Looking forward to learning with you.



6 thoughts on “About My Little Spanish Notebook

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  2. viaja2/viaja2Photography

    Me alegro mucho de que hayas encontrado un hombre español maravilloso y con él hayas creado una familia estupenda. He encontrado tu blog por medio del de Paula, y me alegro de conocerte. Soy española.

  3. Chica Andaluza

    Great blog you have here, can really relate to it. Am looking forward to having a look around. I remember when I first got together with my Spanish partner not understanding “ahora después “….since then there have been so many new words and expressions to grapple with.

    1. My Little Spanish Notebook Post author

      Thank you! “Ahora después” is a good one, reminds me of “ahorita” from Mexico. What an idyllic life you lead, on the English south coast and up a mountain in Andalucia. How wonderful! I’m trying to cut down my email subscriptions but will find another way to follow your blog. 🙂


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