About me

Hi! I’m Louisa. I’m a British freelance translator, proofreader and writer, living in Madrid with my Spanish partner and our two small sons. My passion is “all things language-related”, and this little blog is my way of sharing it with you.

I have been a freelancer since 2006 and in my previous lives I have taught English (at a university in Spain, and high schools in Japan) and worked in international business. Many of my clients are universities, who publish articles on a wide range of subjects in academic journals in the US and the UK. I also write teaching materials for language companies, I translate for businesses and I do consultancy work for television and cinema subtitling.

louisa mugshot 2Please feel free to contact me if you would like a quote for a job. My rates vary depending on the urgency and complexity of the work.

Thanks for dropping by.

Warmest regards,



10 thoughts on “About me

  1. Razwana

    Hey Louisa! I wouldn’t mind getting an email from you letting me know how the execution for your plan to have more free time is going – I remembered!

  2. Gayle Kimball, Ph.D.

    Hello. I’d love to send you the section on the Spanish uprising from a draft of my book about global youth activism. I haven’t been able to find someone in Spain to check it over and add their observations. Please respond to gkimball at csuchico.edu. Thanks!

  3. Santiago Crespo

    Hi Louisa,

    I came to your blog looking for the world “un pepino”, which I think you wrote about some time ago.. But I can’t find it. Why don’t you add a “Search” option in your blog? 😉

    Thanks and keep up writing!

    1. My Little Spanish Notebook Post author

      Hi Santiago! Thanks for the feedback. A search option would be a great idea. Hmm, I will see what I can do. That involves slightly superior technical knowledge and/or a bit of time to dabble and work it out, neither of which I have at the moment… For now, here’s a link to the post you asked about: https://mylittlespanishnotebook.wordpress.com/2013/11/20/pepino/ Thanks for stopping by! Oh, and back at you – I couldn’t find an easy way to follow your blog – I’m not a tweeter, and don’t use Google + much. How about a simple email option for technophobes? Or are you deliberately filtering those from your readership? Haha.

  4. tobyo

    Hi Louisa. I too am a lover of all things language-related, especially Spanish 😉 I don’t have much time for blogging so that must be why even though I started following you a bit ago, I never made it to this page. Muy interesante. My dream is to become a freelancer then retire to southern Spain. Perhaps I could learn a few things from you 🙂 Thanks for following my blog and commenting, I appreciate it! hasta la otra.

    1. My Little Spanish Notebook Post author

      Thanks for dropping by, Tobyo. We have a lot in common. Follow your dream and make it happen. You can do it! Let me know when you’re next in Madrid. I’ll show you my rooftop café office. 😉


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