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clóchina [noun, f] – a variety of mussel, small in size

I was scrubbing and de-bearding a load of mussels today (get me, trying something different in the kitchen), when I found a mussel that was smaller than all the rest. I laughed and held it up to show my hubby, “¿Qué es esto? ¿Un mejillón bebé?

He replied knowledgably that it was “otra variedad de mejillón. Se llaman clóchinas.” My eyes widened. What a great name! These little creatures were just begging to be blogged about.

I know, I know. When are you actually going to need this one? But it’s a wonderful-sounding word, isn’t it? And my hubby even came up with a cheeky little mnemonic to help me remember it. Wait for it… “Clutching ass!”

Obviously, if you’re like me, you’ll need to go through a few variations before hitting on the actual term, “Was it grabbing bottom or clasping butt?”

Tee hee. Love me a bit of linguistic silliness.